Based on safety, health and burden-free life idea, Twin Lotus has developed and launched personal daily care products cored by pure natural plants in succession, such as oral hygiene series, hair washing and conditioner series and body care series and pushed it to various countries in Asia and global market.

Just as Dr. LeeLertphan said, “Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it”. Those who can adhere to faith, diligence, will and professional ethics can make dreams come true. This is like you should treat others well forever and just like you want them to treat you in the same way. So, employees in Twin Lotus stick to working and treating others attentively.

In the 30-year development course, Twin Lotus always sticks to the idea that “quality brings good reputation” and promises to provide the best care products for customers. As Twin Lotus toothpaste, hair washing and care series, all-natural plant body wash come out, Twin Lotus will continue constant green legend with the strength of plants.