Product features

Twin Lotus kids yoghurt toothpaste
(melon & guava)
Kids Yoghurt Toothpaste
Yoghurt can resist bacteria and benefit teeth

Target group:
Common oral cavity problems for kids are mostly caused by sweetmeat, the failure of timely cleaning oral cavity or halfway cleaning after eating. So, it is especially important to keep good oral environment.

∨dental plaque
∨decayed tooth

Twin Lotus kids yoghurt toothpaste proposes brand-new concept that “yoghurt can resist bacteria and benefit teeth”, selects beneficial bacterium ingredient in natural lactic acid to mildly eliminate oral bacteria for kids and fuses high-quality natural calcium and essence of two tropical fruits to overall consolidate teeth and prevent tooth decay and protect healthy teeth for kids.

Main effects:
NO.1 Natural PURAC
PURAC matched with antibiosis function of yogurt can mildly eliminate malignant bacteria in oral cavity and restrain bacteria deposition;
It can help get rid of dental plaque, stain and acid residues on the surface of teeth and play the role in maintaining good oral environment and whitening teeth of kids;
It can provide good soluble calcium sources, supplement lost calcium for kids’ teeth, keep tooth bone density, and enhance resistance against external acid substances or other hazardous substances;
NO.2 high-quality yogurt
Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria, multiple mineral substances and vitamins which can effectively restrain generation and deposition of oral bacteria, effectively consolidate teeth, resist tooth decay and maintain tooth and gum nutrition;
NO.3 Essence of tropical fruits
Rich vitamins can supplement tooth and gum nutrition and promote health;
Dense tropical fruit fragrance brings more tooth brushing joys for kids.

Main ingredients

Natural PURAC, high-quality yogurt and essence of tropical fruits